First Stop of 2017 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championship
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First Stop of

2017 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championship

Taishan, Jiangmen City

May 23rd-May 24th


Welcome to 2017 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championship!

Host by Guangdong Sport Bureau, the 2017 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championship will be host from May to December this year in some of the beautiful old villages in Guangdong. The villages to be chosen as the venues are varied in different architecture styles including those of cantonese, Hakka, Chaoshan and North part of Guangdong Province and also embody the culture of waterside regions, mountain areas and seaside areas. While participating the Championship, you can also enjoy the charms of the old villages in Guangdong. It will definitely be a life-time experience to run through the delicate architectures with traditional characteristics and the lanes with many twists and turns.

For information of 2016 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championship, pleas watch the video at


1.Overall information

2017 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championship consists of ten stops of competitions. The first stop will be host in Taishan, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province on May 24th, as one of the registered event on the World Orienteering Day.

Time and Venue of 10 stops of Competitions:



2. Venue and Access

The first stop of competition of 2017 South China Historical Orienteering Championship will be host in Haikou Port and Mei’s Grand Courtyard, Taishan City. Taishan is famous for being the hometown of overseas Chinese. In recent years, it developed  itself tourist industry with the theme of “sea island, hot spring, Drifting and hometown of overseas Chinese”. Every, it attracts millions of visitor from home and abroad

How to reach Taishan

International Competitors can take the international flight to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Vans will be arranged from the Airport to the official hotel in Taishan for free by the Organizing Committee.(Transportation will be  arranged from the  Airport to the Hotel on May 23rd and from the Hotel to the Airport on May 25th.

Transportation between the Hotel and Venues will be arranged by the Organizing Committee.


According to the current regulations, some citizens of other countries must apply a visa to enter China.

3. Program


4.Event Controller

LIANG Lin and CHEN Zhicheng (to be confirmed)


5. Classes and Entry Regulations.

The Competition Rules for IOF Foot Orienteering Events will be applied to participation in the 2017 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championship.

There are five classes: ME, WE, MO, WO and CATI. There are no age restrictions.

6. Competition and Embargoed Areas

Ruifen Mei’s Grand Courtyard and Haikou port of Taishan, Jiangmen city are embargoed Areas as marked in the followin


Embargoed Area in Ruifen Mei’s Grand Courtyard


Embargoed Area in Mei’s Grand Courtyard and Haikou port       

7. Registration

There is no registration fee for all participants. A T-shirt is provided to every participant for free when he/she registers successfully.

Deadline for Preliminary Registration: May 10th

Deadline for Final Registration: May 12th

Please fill out the application attached and send it to

Contact person: Ms. Zhen   Tel: +86 15626241144


8. Accommodation

During the Competition, all registered international competitors will be provided with accommodation for free


9. Competition

9.1 Maps

Maps are drawn according to the International Specifications for Orienteering Maps(ISOM 2000) and the International Specifications for Sprint Orienteering Maps (ISSOM2007)


Map Samples

1.Xuri Ancient Village in Boluo, Huizhou (2016)


2. Shitang Ancient Village of Renhua County, Shogun (2016)


9.2 Terrain Descriptions

Middle Distance- Mei’s Grand Courtyard

Middle Distance terrain is stretching over an area among fruit forest, picturesque villages and farm lands with flat surface. Runability is good.

Team Orienteering -Mei’s Grand Courtyard.

The terrain has two distinctive areas: ancient villages and farm land. Runability is good.

Mountain Bike Orienteering- Mei’s Grand Courtyard

The terrain covers the area of ancient villages and farmland with flat surface. The track mainly contains driveway and path in the filed.

9.3 Clothing

There are no regulations regarding clothing. Cross country shoes and marathon shoes are highly suggested for Middle Distance and         Team Orienteering. Spike Shoes are not suggested.

9.4 Punching System

To be decided later. “Sportident”or “Chinahealth”

9.5 Climate

Taishan enjoys a Subtropical Oceanic Monsoon Climate. It is normally in Summer with breeze and a chance of rain, The average temperature in May is 26℃, with the highest temperature of 30℃.


Application Form

The First Stop of 2017 South China Historical Trail Orienteering Championship

aishan, Jiangmen


Team Leader:




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