2018 international Heritage Day“Canton Historical Trail”Series promotional materials
2018-04-19 上午 10:50   来源:south china historical trail   

April 18th is the "International Monument Day", decided by the twenty-second UNESCO General Conference. Every year, the world will hold various activities related to Heritage, to promote the inheritance and protection of heritage, also to encourage more young people to participate in. General Secretary Xi proposed that historical culture is the soul of a city, it is necessary to protect the historical and cultural heritage of the city as well as cherish our own life. At present, it is the important moment to carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and the protection of historical culture has been entrusted with important historical mission. 

In order to increase the publicity and promotion of the Guangzhou section of the Canton Historical Trail, according to the provincial leadership and arrangement, combined with the 2018 International Historic Day, during April 18th to 20nd, Guangzhou land resources and planning commission will host series actives of Canton Historical Trial in exhibition hall in Yingyuan road, Xia street Zengcheng, Qiangang ancient village Conghua, Huangpu ancient port and village Haizhu District. The co-organizers are Guangzhou Lingnan Architecture Research Centre, Guangzhou Urban Development Archives, Land Resources and Planning Bureau of Zengcheng District, Land Resources and Planning Bureau of Conghua District, Land Resources and Planning Bureau of Haizhu District. The specific activities are arranged as follows:


In the afternoon of April 18th, series of "Canton Historical Trail" activities will hold in the exhibition hall in Yingyuan road by Guangzhou land resources and planning commission, including the trail map and the theme class. The first one will be the ancient map exhibition, which mainly shows the ancient routs in maps of Guangzhou city, military and suburban maps in Qing Dynasty, showing the important research reference value. Through the exhibition, let the public understand the communication routes of Guangzhou; The second one is to carry out the theme class, inviting three famous cultural research experts: Tang Xiwen (Deputy director of Urbanspace planning and architectural design co., LTD Shenzhen), Cao Jin (the director of Guangdong cultural heritage and archaeology institute), Chen Zehong (the former deputy director of the Guangzhou local chronicle Office), and to give lectures to public to understand the concept and cultural connotation of the Canton Historical Trail, the ancient routes and the way of protection and utilization, to explain the past and present of the Canton Historical Trail.


From April 19th to April, 20, series will be held in Xia street Zengcheng, Qiangang ancient village Conghua, Huangpu ancient port and village Haizhu District. It provides services in public to protection and development of Canton Historical Trail and truly experiences the beauty of the ancient routes.


The protection and utilization of Canton Historical Trail is an important pioneering work in the history of the heritage protection of Guangdong's cultural heritage. Canton Historical Trail is the passage of economic exchanges and cultural exchanges between the south area of Canton and the outside region, and it is also an important epitome of the historical development of Guangdong and the continuation of the cultural context. We will take this class as an opportunity to keep the protection and exchange of the Historical and Cultural Cities, from the discovery and creation of Guangzhou culture, to promote the activation and utilization of the Canton Historical Trail, to create the " Canton Historical Trail " brand, strive to make the protection work more scientific, rational and more effective.